Willing Partner

The way forward is different for everyone. It requires the resources to address immediate needs, along with ongoing support and compassion. Above all, it takes real accountability to change situations and conditions built over a lifetime. Here is where the Willing Partner team helps individuals to find a way through difficult times and circumstances. 

Based on a “together” concept for helping those in need, Willing Partner works to enable families to become self-sufficient, to find job training and gainful employment, to connect with financial educators to learn financial management and budgeting, to access family and parenting support, and to break the cycle of poverty sustainably. 

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Program details

  • Check our community calendar for the dates and times of our orientation. 
  • Community members can partner with our Willing Partner navigators to develop a personalized plan to move forward to self-sufficiency.
  • Connecting to other resources, including: SNAP enrollment and recertification, housing, and transportation.
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Personal care items, diapers and baby formula, basic household supplies
  • Family or parenting support
  • Potential enrollment in our Fresh Start Program

Additional services and events

  • Financial workshops
  • Tax preparation and advice
  • Legal advice regarding family law, employment issues, landlord-tenant disputes and other civil matters
In 2022, the Willing Partner team worked with over 1,100 willing partners in the community to move forward to self-sufficiency

“Thanks to the Fresh Start Team, I was able to meet every struggle each day and get through the program with grace.”

Riley, 2021 Fresh Start Graduate