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About Us

Dignity from day one

When you ask someone about the Heart Ministry Center, most often what you hear is a story about one of the thousands of individuals and families who have at some point been connected to our mission; who have benefited from our food distribution program, healthcare clinic, job placement program or laundromat; who faced daily vulnerability; who once again felt the strength of dignity and respect. 

Through our programs, we guide people along a personal journey that leads to individualized breakthroughs, permanent transformations and dignified change. While the path that leads here is different for everybody, one thing is certain… Heart Ministry Center is extraordinary and brings fundamental change to us all — our families, our volunteers, our supporters and our community. 

Our Impact

  • In 2022, our Choice Food Distribution Program provided more than 3.2 million pounds of fresh and shelf stable food items to approximately 142,000 total community members.
  • Last year our Monen Healthcare Clinic provided medical, dental, vision, mental health. and OT/PT care with over 2,100 community members.
  • More than 100 women and men have graduated from our Fresh Start Program.
  • Social work and case management assistance with over 1,400 community members in 2022.
  • Our Fresh Start Laundromat created 4 full time jobs and generated $184,000 in revenue last year.
  • Heart Ministry Center opened its second social enterprise, FRESH FLORAL, in March 2023.
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Our Mission

Providing food, healthcare, and a way forward to people severely affected by poverty in the Omaha area.

Our Values

Community Compassion Accountability Excellence

“By being a part of something you believe in, over time you start believing in yourself.”

Mark Dahir, Chief Executive Officer