Fresh Start Laundromat

open everyday 7am – 7pm : A Clean Way Forward

Fresh Start Laundromat is a community minded social enterprise. The purpose of a social enterprise is to create jobs and a viable business for the community.¬† This state-of-the-art-facility includes 20 washers and 24 dryers. The Fresh Start Laundromat offers free and reduced laundry based on need through our case management team. “A Clean Way Forward”,¬†please come and be a part.

We look forward to seeing you!

Equipment and Price per Load


  • [8] 20lb washers, $3.00
  • [4] 30lb washers, $4.00
  • [4] 40lb washers, $5.00
  • [2] 60lb washers, $7.00
  • [2] 80lb washers, $9.00


  • [12] 30lb dryers, $2.50
  • [12] 45lb dryers, $4.00

We all deserve to have clean laundry

If you have school age children and would like help with the cost of washing and drying clothes. Please email:


Percent of children who do not have access to clean laundry.

*-Braun Research Group