Fresh Start Laundromat

One of the newest additions to the Heart Ministry Center campus, the Fresh Start Laundromat is available to anyone needing an affordable, safe place to do laundry.

Fresh Start Laundromat is a community-minded social enterprise that has created four jobs and a viable business for the community. This state-of-the-art-facility includes 20 washers and 24 dryers operated by a user-friendly app. The Fresh Start Laundromat offers free and reduced laundry based on need. The Laundromat partners with nearly 30 community organization to provide laundry services. 

Contact the Program Director

Jacqueline Dumas
Laundromat Director

Laundromat Front Desk: (402)490-0607

Hours of Operation:

Every day 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Equipment and Price per Load


  • [8] 20lb washers, $3.00
  • [4] 30lb washers, $4.00
  • [4] 40lb washers, $5.00
  • [2] 60lb washers, $7.00
  • [2] 80lb washers, $9.00


  • [12] 30lb dryers, $2.50
  • [12] 45lb dryers, $4.00

*Braun Research Group

“Heart Ministry Center saved my life.”​

Shannon Perkins, 2020 Fresh Start graduate

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