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My little brother has threatened to quit reading my blog entries unless I make them less depressing. I do not purposefully try to only cover the sad or difficult parts of my day. Even so, I decided in anticipation for Thanksgiving, I would write about a few things that I am thankful for especially these past few weeks. I am thankful for:

1. The kids in our mentoring program taught me “The Chicken Head” and “Chingy-Right Thurr” dances and no one has made fun of me for trying these dances.

2. I was able to get all the green Tempera paint that was in my hair out (I was Incredible Hulk for Halloween).

3. Rebekah, a past Pathway participant, stopped by the Center to let me know she is on the dean’s list and on pace to graduate with a degree in nursing from College of St. Mary’s.

4. Lawlor’s Sporting Goods donated 3 pallets worth of brand new athletic apparel.

5. Our medical providers have been able to administer the flu shot to anyone wanting one.

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