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Last week as I was driving, I received a phone call. Obviously, being a careless driver, I answered my cell phone. A friend had called me that happened to be stopped next to me. He immediately started making fun of me because I was just smiling as I drove my car. He claimed that it looked creepy to see someone randomly smiling while driving.

I hope I smile a lot. I have a lot to be thankful for and witness amazing acts of kindness and generosity everyday. The reason I was smiling last week when my friend saw me was because I had just found out that one of the women in the Pathway program had passed her GED test. When Ellen told me the good news, she was so incredibly proud and rightfully so. For the first 10 years of her life, Ellen lived in and out of shelters. Her mother was an alcoholic that was abused by a number of her boyfriends. By the time Ellen was ten, she was living in foster care. Until she became an adult, Ellen moved from home to home. As an adult, the problems continued for Ellen. She was now using drugs herself. She eventually became pregnant and gave birth to her child while in prison. After struggling for some time, Ellen decided to enroll in Pathway. Ellen has made incredible strides. Her home life has stabilized, she no longer uses drugs, and this week she registered for college.

Like many other clients, Ellen gave me a reason to smile so I guess I will just continue to look like a creepy driver with the smile on his face.

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