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As final examinations are fast approaching, it makes me reminisce about my days as a college student. It also makes me think of my mom’s neverending reminders about how good I have it and to wait until I get older when I would have real stress. I am still waiting for that time to come. More simply put, how can I be stressed about my own life or complain how stressful life is when I see the obstacles and challenges people overcome on a daily basis?

I just think about the past day alone. Yesterday afternoon a child came to the Center hungry. He asked for food because he said he had no place to get dinner. This morning a grandmother asked if she could have a pillow and blanket because her neck hurt and she was cold from sleeping on the linoleum floor. Now I just finished meeting with a mother, who was crying as it was her son’s birthday. Her son had been murdered earlier this year.

My life is not stressful. I am blessed. I only wish that other people did not have to worry about such things as where they are going to sleep that night, when will they eat next, and will their clothes keep them warm in the cold months ahead.

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