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One of the things that upsets me the most is the offhand comments I hear about the supposed rampant abuse of social service agencies. People do not visit places like the Heart Ministry Center for fun. I personally believe that everyone would love to be able to buy their own groceries, clothing, and other basic essentials. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. That said, simply because a person is in need does not mean they are any less of a human being . In fact, I think Heart Ministry Center staff and volunteers need to do everything we can to make people feel respected, valued, and special. In addition, I think that I have another responsibility to speak up against these common misconceptions.

Almost every single person I meet and interact with at the Heart Ministry Center is a good person. They are not abusers of a system but are simply people struggling to survive. They are kind, funny, caring, thoughtful, appreciative, and resourceful. They all have their own unique stories.

Over the course of the next year, I am going to take a client to breakfast once a week. I am going to create a separate blog to share their stories. I am calling the project, “50 Faces and 2 Eggs Over Easy.” My only goal in doing this project is to share with people what I get to experience. I get the amazing opportunity to serve awesome people. Many may not know where they will sleep at night or when they will eat next. Even so, they are beautiful human beings all with a story to tell.


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