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I will freely admit that I listen to love ballads, I watch romantic comedies (even without my wife), and I tear up when I hear about how a couple fell in love. I oftentimes become sentimental over very small things. Some people accuse me of becoming too focused and consumed with something. This happened to me again recently.

A young family came to the Center that was desperately in need of help. They had a young child that was right around 5 years old that did not understand the gravity of his parents’ situation. The child kept on saying, “Mommy, can we please have pizza?” The mom was clearly embarassed that she could not buy her child what he craved and could not explain to him why he could not have pizza. Perhaps a child getting pizza is not the biggest deal in the world, however, his pleas just crushed me. All I could envision was how when my 2-year-old son Oliver sees pizza, he immediately brightens up and yells, “Yeah, Peatja. I eat peatja.” I became very frantic about getting this child pizza. I ran to our freezers and started going through everything we had. In about five minutes, I found a pizza.

When I returned to the lobby, the family was no longer. A volunteer, who had also heard the child’s pleas and saw me with a pizza, just laughed and directed me to the clothing closet where the family was looking for shoes. I pulled the mother aside and told her that I had something for her. I showed her the pizza and she just buried her face in her hands and began to cry. I started to tear up myself so I gave the young mom a quick hug and walked away. I saw the family leaving the Center about 30 minutes later with the child holding his pizza.

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