At the Heart Ministry Center we think it is extremely important to celebrate successes and achievements. One of the best times for us to do this is during the graduations of our Fresh Start Job Placement Program participants. Fresh Start provides individuals with the opportunity to move forward in their lives in a thoughtful way. One of the best things about Fresh Start is that it gives people the chance to be part of something positive. For some participants this might be the first time in their life that they’ve had a positive, healthy environment to be in.

Having the opportunity to witness the growth in Fresh Start participants and the bonds that form between individuals truly is special. This week the Heart Ministry Center was fortunate to get to celebrate the graduation of Miss Mary. Miss Mary, a single mother, came to the Center looking to get a job, improve herself and provide for her daughter, Zoe. She has a great spirit and her personality is contagious. She served as an inspiration to her fellow participants and the poem below that was written by Miss Lue, another Fresh Start participant, shows the bonds created. Fresh Start helps change lives and assists people in their journey to self sufficiency.

To schedule a tour of the Center, learn more about our mission and how you can help people severely affected by poverty in our community please contact Eric Crawford at or 402-452-2321.



I don’t know how to explain how I feel about you.
The first time I met you, I felt like you were true.
Love came pouring out whenever we spoke.
Then you laughed at my silly joke.
I’ve seen you grow stronger day by day.
And I want to say thank you if I may.

You’re such an inspiration. I admire you.
Any company would be lucky to hire you.
Eric, Mark, Conor, and Corey are so proud.
And I don’t mind saying this out loud.

I felt compassion from a fellow human being.
Understood my tragedy and wht I was seeing.
You gave me comfort every step of the way. Never judged or turned me away.

You are an awesome person, friend, counselor and many more.
When you get hired, can I get a discount at your store?

-Miss Lue