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Oftentimes, I think society takes a paternalistic approach when helping people in need. We look at the poorer members of society as being lesser and needing us to save them. Case in point, we call the wealthy the upper class and the poor the lower class. Being lower on a rung is generally not favorable.

I could probably be accused of having this same mentality in the past. After working at the Center, I have come to realize that we are all survivors. Frequently, it is the poor that show the most creativity and ingenuity. I simply wanted to highlight a few of these brilliant solutions to problems.

1. I saw a family move from an apartment with all their furniture (couch, dining room table, and bedroom set) using a compact car and only take one trip.

2. A family of six can manage to cook and shower with less than 2 gallons of water.

3. An elderly man is able to find fresh meals without ever having to go to a shelter or soup kitchen or paying a dime for food.

4. A young mother was able to make a single diaper last for a week by inserting toilet paper to keep the actual diaper dry and clean.

5. An eight-year-old boy was able to find food so he could eat on the weekends.

6. A homeless man wore 2 plastic grocery sacks as shoes and was able to keep his feet dry and warm.

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