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This week has definitely had its ups and downs.

On Tuesday afternoon, we held a memorial service for a baby. The baby’s mother is a Pathway program participant. On Wednesday morning, a mother came to the Center crying as they had found her son’s killer. Her son was a Heart Ministry Center employee that had been killed just over two years ago. I really wish I had something magical to say to take away their pain. To see such sadness and hurt is never fun and undoubtedly one of the toughest parts of this job.

I am not trying to gain sympathy for myself. After all, the sorrow I feel could not come close to what these two mothers are feeling. Even so, it is difficult to see people hurting so greatly.

With these week’s lows, the Center has also experienced tremendous highs. In particular, we received a sizeable donation for the Pathway program and renovation project. Seeing such generosity amazes and inspires me. Although nothing removes the pain of seeing these mothers suffer, these donors’ kindess is an incredible blessing. To me, they exemplify selflessness. They support women that they have never met and in so doing ensure that not only these women but also their children will have a better life.

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